当会について 关于本会
About us

名称 Name:
一般社団法人 愛知華僑総会
一般社团法人 爱知华侨总会
Aichi Overseas Chinese Association

設立 成立 Established:
1971年 in 1971
(As the preceding association Aichi Overseas Chinese Union)

登記 注册 Registered:
2017年9月 in Sep 2017
(Registered as a registered general incorporated association to the government)

代表者 代表者 Chairperson:
会長 趙 晴   Principal Ms. Cho Sei

所在地 地址 Address:
爱知县名古屋市中区荣4-16-29 中统大厦8层
8F, Chuto Building, 4-16-29, Sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya, Aichi, Japan

電話 电话 TEL:
+81 52 259 2223

FAX 传真:
+81 52 259-2232

メール 邮箱 Mail Address

[email protected]









名誉会長 趙 良行




会長 趙晴










名誉会长  赵良行




会长  赵晴

A history of our organization

 We are known as one of the oldest Chinese organization in Aichi or Nagoya.

 There was an event called the 31st World Table Tennis Championships in Nagoya in March 1971. At that time China sent a table tennis players’ delegation over Japan. As a result, the event contributed a lot to build a foundation to normalize Sino-Japan diplomatic relations. As you may know, it is so called “Ping-Pong (Table Tennis) Diplomacy” in the modern Sino-Japan history.

 By the event, “Welcoming Committee by Overseas Chinese” was formed in Nagoya, and “Aichi Overseas Chinese Union” was also followed to be formed in Imaike, Chikusa, Nagoya in 1971.

 Following the normalization of Sino-Japan diplomatic relations on 29th Sep., 1972, “Aichi Overseas Chinese Union” was renamed as “Aichi Overseas Chinese Association” in Aug., 1977.

 We have been encouraging the friendship and communication among overseas Chinese for years under receiving a great support from Chinese embassy and consulates in Japan, following the philosophy of mutual support and help, protecting the rights of Chinese civilians in Japan under the laws of Japan, providing supports on visa, attestation, notarization and steering various Sino-Japan friendship events.

 We removed into Chuto building in Sakae, Nagoya in 2007, established a legal entity (general incorporated association) “Aichi Overseas Chinese Association” in Sep., 2017 as the beginning of a new era.

 We now believe we can deepen the friendship among Chinese in Japan, Sino-Japan friendship, develop more art, craft, linguistic interaction, provide various services to Japanese.

Honorary Principal
Cho Yoshiyuki


A message from our principal

 The Association will continue to promote of helping overseas Chinese in this region, promoting cultural, educational and economic exchanges between China and Japan. We will also humbly put more efforts to promote mutual assistance and friendship between the Chinese and Japanese non-governmental communities!

Cho Sei



We offer various opportunities such as an art event. We welcome your joining us.